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Wind Sock - McKenzie Toma

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What is health? Hop the fence. Escape happiness and you 

may find something happy. When will we see the penis 

as beautiful? 

 Every gesture is a birthday party. How will it be 

celebrated? That is a delicate expedition. There are several 

conclusions, none conclusive.

Between the suffering and the pleasure is a cool chasm 

where wind blows but it is difficult to be there. It is 

difficult because we have a taste for moldy cheese and 

carbonation and even heartbreak. We must confess our 

deliberate flirtation with unease. 

Do we fear all that is tacit and mild textured? What ways

can you see a tulip, blindfolded? 

We do work and it is work it is the slow plucking of a 

painful thorn in the soft chest of your inner child.

Wind Sock 

Poems by McKenzie Toma

44 pages 

3&5/8" x 5&1/2" pocket sized

Perfect Bind 

Letterpress Printed

Edition of 100  

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